Teaching Experience

Sarah is currently teaching on OutSchool, with various dance/theatre/creative drama classes listed! She is also volunteering as a teaching artist at The Friendship Circle Organization based in New Jersey providing movement/music classes to students who are Neurodiverse! In terms of Professional Development, Sarah has just graduated from The Teaching Artist Project Training Program and also attened the National Dance Institute: The Art of Teaching trainings! 

Sarah spent the summer of 2020 working at the Rose Theater as a Theater Education Intern. This internship included ten weeks of teaching at various camps that ranged from working with students from the ages of 4 to 16 years. She co-directed the high school-aged Conservatory production of Frankenstein, which was performed to such fantastic acclaim, that the cast and co-directors had an additional Q and A on FB Live for Theatre Educators and on August 2nd will be presenting the production internationally at Dramebazzi Carnival (a theatre festival based in India). Sarah also worked this summer with students ages 11-16 from the Creative Arts Project in India to devise a production about quarantine and their experiences. This was also performed at Dramebazzi. Additionally, Sarah taught a Creative Drama workshop at Dramebazzi for ages 5-10. 

Sarah has held multiple education internships and jobs at various organizations, theatres, and schools. She has worked with students in the Allentown School District, at various organizations in Allentown, in New Jersey, in New York City, and in Omaha, Nebraska from her childhood bedroom in New Jersey. She has experience with students from ages 3-18.


Teaching Philosophy 

I love to teach. As a young person, I was incredibly shy with lots of speech problems. Through getting involved with theatre at age 10, I was able to find my voice. I believe that having and utilizing that voice is powerful and important, especially for young people. In my classrooms, I lead with kindness and empathy and strive to create a classroom where all students feel heard, safe, and appreciated. Through my teaching, I also create leadership opportunities for students to collaborate and take a more active role in the class. As an advocate of Theatre for Social Change, I believe that every child from any identity background can benefit from theatre education. I am committed to practicing anti-racist pedagogy in my teaching practice. As a teacher, I bring in my background as a musical theater performer and a director, and have trained extensively in acting, dance, voice, and directing. 















Rose Theater Internship Evaluation's (from Summer 2020) 

*Sarah has been a gift to Conservatory. She is patient, organized, prompt, communicative, creative, and present. She brought up the most wonderful ideas that I never would have risked to bring up that work brilliantly. She is always open to changing her lessons and blocking. She always puts the students and the story first before her own ego. She is a life learner and supports that in her students, with questions and expectations.

*Sarah is such a gifted educator and theatre-artist. Her work ethic is stellar and her attitude is top-notch. It’s clear that she loves working with young people, regardless of age. As a co-teacher, Sarah is great with communication, open and honest feedback to students, and often has clever quips to boot.

*Sarah is a master collaborator. She is multidisciplinary. Her skills in other areas of the theater (such as dance, directing, and acting) enhance her work as an educator. Sarah is a student-centered teaching artist. The work she does in the classroom is clearly not about her, it is about the students. Sarah puts some much of her self and her life experience from her travels) to her work. This will continue to serve her throughout her career.

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