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Teaching Experience

Sarah has worked at multiple organizations teaching young people theatre and dance all over the world, both virtually and in person. Several of these schools and organizations include AmeriCorp ArtistYear, OutSchool, The Rose Theater in Omaha, NE, Gas Lamp Players, Camp Deeny Riback, The Friendship Circle, The Livingston Library in NJ, The Civic Theatre and Jefferson Elementary School in Allentown, PA, and The Creative Arts in India. While teaching, Sarah focuses on developing executive functioning skills, social-emotional learning, and tapping into imaginations while creating leadership opportunities in the classroom for each student's voice and stories to be heard and valued. Professional Development includes The Teaching Artist Project Fall 2020 Cohort Member Graduate, AATE 2020 and 2021 National Conferences, The CUNY 2020 Applied Theatre Social Justice Conference, and the National Dance Institute and the Art of Teaching Training. 
















Teaching Philosophy 

I love to teach. As a young person, I was incredibly shy with lots of speech problems. Through getting involved with theatre at age 10, I was able to find my voice. I believe that having and utilizing that voice is powerful and important, especially for young people. In my classrooms, I lead with kindness and empathy and strive to create a classroom where all students feel heard, safe, and appreciated. My lesson plans are created with leadership opportunities in mind for students to collaborate and take a more active role in the class, as well as focusing on socio-emotional learning and enhancing executive functioning skills. As an advocate of Theatre for Social Change, I believe that every child from every identity background can benefit from theatre and dance education. I am committed to practicing anti-racist pedagogy and culturally responsive teaching in my teaching practice. As a teacher, I bring in my background as a musical theater performer and a director, and have trained extensively in acting, dance, voice, and directing. 


ArtistYear Observation

*Sarah gives many moments for the students to share their thoughts, feelings, and connections to other lessons.
Sarah’s presence and positive energy are evident even with a face mask, maintaining an emotive face and kind, strong voice throughout the full lesson.

*Sarah provided space for student bodily autonomy, giving the option to close their eyes only if they are comfortable. This is very important to teach at such a young age!

*The fast lesson pace keeps student engagement up. Sarah repeated directions kindly and with patience until all students were following along. She balances the activities with time for singing, moving, and sitting, keeping student energy maintained throughout the full class. She mirrors and demonstrates all movements and voices with enthusiasm and high energy, modeling expectations and driving investment from the class.


Rose Theater

*Sarah has been a gift to Conservatory. She is patient, organized, prompt, communicative, creative, and present. She brought up the most wonderful ideas that I never would have risked to bring up that work brilliantly. She is always open to changing her lessons and blocking. She always puts the students and the story first before her own ego. She is a life learner and supports that in her students, with questions and expectations.

*Sarah is such a gifted educator and theatre-artist. Her work ethic is stellar and her attitude is top-notch. It’s clear that she loves working with young people, regardless of age. As a co-teacher, Sarah is great with communication, open and honest feedback to students, and often has clever quips to boot.

*Sarah is a master collaborator. She is multidisciplinary. Her skills in other areas of the theater (such as dance, directing, and acting) enhance her work as an educator. Sarah is a student-centered teaching artist. The work she does in the classroom is clearly not about her, it is about the students. 

OutSchool Reviews

*My daughter had huge amounts of fun and never wanted it to end... Sarah is an inspiring, nurturing, positive, creative and all round a magical teacher! She has a quality about her that is calming and very beneficial to my daughter’s comfort and confidence levels.

*This was such a fun class. My 7 year old loved it and can't wait to try more musical theatre classes. Ms. Sarah did a great job teaching to a range of ages.

*My kids (11 & 12) take as many classes as they can with Ms. Sarah! They love the fun energy, kindness, and creative ideas she brings to each class. Her "Singing in the Rain" class was as great as all of her others. My kids adore their time with her, and we would highly recommend.

*Ms. Sarah’s class is the highlight of my daughter’s week. Miss Sarah is patient, enthusiastic, and engaging. I highly recommend her class.

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