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Theatre Directing

The art of directing and having agency over stories while watching them unfold in unexpected ways has enchanted me. As a shy young child, I was most interested in observing others and reading. As an avid reader, I would get confused a month later about whether or not I had read the book or seen the movie because that is how vivid the images would be in my head of the text I was reading. Directing plays allows me to take the visuals from my head and really create them in space with bodies in creative and imaginative ways. 


I am interested in interdisciplinary art, ritual, movement/dance, and the use of a chorus or ensemble to aid in storytelling. I would like to direct plays that surround the topics of adolescence, sexuality, mental health, religion, and family. I am also interested in theatre for young audiences, sensory theatre, and the creative ways those stories can be told either with or to a group of young people. I am interested in creating work with community groups - people who do not identify as “professionals,” and the impact of theatre to create social change and bring communities together. When creating art, I value the journey of creating more than the final project and strive to create brave and safe spaces that empower everyone in the room to feel comfortable to speak up and have a real voice in the creation. The projects that I hope to create and be a part of will spark conversation and create dialogue in communities

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