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Hi! Nice to meet you!

I am a director/choreographer, producer, and theatre/dance teaching artist, in which all titles I approach in very similar ways. As a child, I was always playing make-believe, playing with dolls, and directing them into stories that I made up. I was a very shy child with many speech issues that living through stories was how I communicated with the world. I was able to find my voice in the theatre. I educate children with the hope to encourage them to find their own voices in the world. I bring and foster imagination and the use of play in the rooms that I create.


In every room I walk into, I lead first with kindness and value that pillar in every collaboration that I form. With whomever I am working with, kids or adults, I strive to empower those individuals and create safe and brave spaces. While I am typically working towards a final “product,” I care much more about the collaboration in the journey and how we get there. I always want to work on projects that center on communities, begin a dialogue, and have accessibility at the forefront. 


I am the Artistic Director and Founder of Philly Children's Theatre (click on the button below for more info), a theatre company that works to increase access to the arts for children and families in Philadelphia by touring theatre for young audiences productions around the city. For this theatre company, I have received multiple grants and secured funding as the producer of Philly Children's Theatre. 

I am also the Early Childhood and Lower School theatre movement arts teacher at Germantown Friends! I am so excited to teach and create classes with a focus on creative movement, tableau, miming/pantomime, laban, Anne Green Gilbert's BrainDance, and clowning, among other theatre/movement concepts. 

I will also be teaching a class at Music Theatre Philly (Intro to Musical Theatre for ages 3-5).

Additionally, I am honored to have been selected as a member of the Young and Emerging Leaders Forum through the International Teaching Artists Collective, as well as a member of Tribe 12's fellowship for new ventures

I am also the Early Childhood Network Chair for AATE (American Alliance in Theatre Education) and will helping to plan the 2023 conference. 

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